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Image meme of the term.
Image meme of the Facehoof term.

Facepaw, also known as Face Paw or Facepawm,[1] is a furspeech term akin to the Internet meme word, facepalm.

Action and meaning[edit]

The intended act consists of placing one's paw onto one's own face/snout, sometimes accompanied by an exclamation, as a reaction to something considered asinine, either on one's own or someone else's. It is mostly commonly used on the Internet as part of the act of communication, typed or represented (media).

The communicated or represented expression can involve a set of multiples ("double facepalm", "triple facepalm", etc...).


Besides "-paw" other versions are accepted, such as faceclaw for clawed mammals (reptiles, birds, and mythological creatures [e.g. dragons]), and facehoof for ungulate mammal, and since the late 2010s, as a widely used term within the brony fandom/community.


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