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FURst CONtact
FURst CONtact was a convention scheduled for August 23-25, 2002, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, with a registration cost of $135 Canadian (including food and lodging).[1] The event was cancelled as there was not “a minimum number of attendance”.[2] This may have been due to the fact that it was scheduled on the same weekend as Feral! 2002.

Proposed events at FURst CONtact included an art show, a marshmallow roast, "Early Morning Fireside Pictionary", nature walk, fursuit skits, and a totem talk.[3] The guests of honour were to be Grrrwolf, Marci McAdam, and Werepuppy.[1]

The mascots were Paws and Claws, a Bear and Raccoon.[4]

Pacific Anthropomorphic Wilderness Society (PAWS) was "an organization started to start this convention and other activities in the wilderness and pacific northwest." Tank "Trapa" Winters was the chair.[5]


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