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FURconsin 2011 was the fifth FURconsin furmeet. It was held over October 7-10th, 2011, in a private cabin owned by Deer Haven Acres Lodge in Adams County, Wisconsin (near Wisconsin Dells). The new cabin featured bed spaces for everyone and also a beautiful view of the lake.

FURconsin 2011 featured similar activities and events as previous years, in addition to some new ones. These included stopping by an Amish Bakery along the way and picking up some authentic baked goods; as well as Super Jayhawk providing dinner.

Twenty-six furs attended: Aloha Fox, Alphi, Bexhet, Colin FoxTail, Colinstu, Drykus, Evan Li, Furball2k, Geemo, Glitch, Graystone, JBadger, Kale, Kamo, Keeshanic Fox, Khortl, Kiswara, Midwest Cougar, Mighty Tauren, Panzier, Renee, Sardonis, Sephiroth Ebonblade, Streak, Super Jayhawk, and Tabbicus.

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