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FURNAM is the first attempt to establish a furry presence within the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Founded by Profesor Rod on October 23, 2008, some of the objectives of this fledging campus community is to gather within it every university attending furry, to show that this learning center's furry population is bigger than thought.

Despite the community's headquarters being located on campus, it has been told that, as an open social experiment,[citation needed] any person that considers itself a furry, no matter what institution, academic grade, sex, age, race or language, is more than welcome to participate in it.


Initially advertised through printed ads, these were posted with a series of cryptic, yet humorous, fliers posted in and around the campus' main faculties and schools and their surrounding areas, with the intended goal of drawing the attention of both "mundane", furry students and faculty' attention about the existence of a "furry fandom" community within campus' walls.


In response to the initial viral advertisement, speculation by word of mouth about the meaning of such fliers has been allowed. The first spectators had the chance to rip a ticket, the only part that contained the URL, directly from the propaganda, becoming a beacon of the news and at the same time leaving the rest of the public dumbfounded until it gets clear what does those posts mean, using some addendum pasted to the original advertisement.


At this moment all of its activities are held on-line through its forum page, to the exception of any member that wishes to promote the site openly or start to socialize with other peers already. There are plans for a broad diversity of activities that will be held once the community has reached some sort of presence.

The group's leadership doesn't expect any negative reaction from the university's community, given the flashy publicity, as it is known that the UNAM is one of the most tolerant and multi-cultural universities in the world.

On March 17, 2011, the Fur Affinity and DeviantArt groups went live.

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