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The FPSBanana's Furries, also known as the FPSB Anthro Club, is a club on the gaming website FPSBanana for furry and anthro artists alike who may reside within the site. The club was created to offer a place to post many things such as videos, art, wallpapers, and personal experiences relating to furry.


FPSBanana's Furries, originally known as The Anthro Artists, was started by Liko on August 11, 2007. Among its first members were Strangemodule, Hideki, and Wolven_Rage. Over the course of a year the club has gained more than 50 members. It's a small, but active in comparison with many of the other clubs on the site. It has reached a grand total of 100 members by April 2009.

Internal opposition[edit]

A former members, Necrosis, left the club in November of 2007, and created an anti-furry club on December 17, 2007 called The Anti-Furry Club.[1] The club was created for the sole purpose of bashing furries and feeding off drama within the fandom.

Activity within the club was minimal until the Summer of 2008, when Necrosis rejoined FPSBanana after his account was hijacked, reigniting activity within the club and promoting several members of the club to leader.[citation needed]

However, as of January 16th, 2009, the Anti-Furry club was deleted due to the infraction of many FPSBanana posting rules.


  1. The "The Anti-Furry Club" on the FPSBanana's website

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