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FMV Explosion is a series of "Furry Music Videos" (the name possibly derived from AMV, "Anime Music Video") created by Leon Fauve, each of which is a combination of random furry videos put to random music and soundtracks.

Every furry video is ended by an explosion, and every FMV includes an explosion after the credits. The only Furry Music Video that did not include an explosion after the credits was the very first one, but FMV Explosion - With Credits does include one.

FMV Explosion 5 - Fulla' Fursonality includes the catchphrase "When the normals are away, the furrys come to play" right before the explosion after the credits.

The series was initially going to finish after the 6th edition. However Fauve revealed that a seventh was in the works and on 19 February 2008 he uploaded it to YouTube.

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