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FIJAGH is the acronym for "Fandom is Just a God-damned Hobby". The term originated in response to dedicated, or "lifestyler" fans from sci-fi fandom. FIJAGH describes people for whom a particular fandom was definitely not a way of life and was regarded merely as a hobby or relatively minor interest. Such fans may or may not attend dedicated events like conventions, but generally do not consider fandom participation to be a cornerstone of their lifestyle or their primary social circle.

FIJAGH and furry[edit]

FIJAGH has been observed to be especially fitting for parts of furry fandom, because of the presence of people who may like anthropomorphic artwork, fiction, and characters, but not consider Furry to be an actual lifestyle, comparing themselves against furry lifestylers. They may engage in practices such as role-playing or creating a Furry avatar for themselves, much as more dedicated fans, but make tend to make it clear they do not devote as much significance to participation.


An opposite view to FIJAGH is FIAWOL or Fandom is a Way of Life. People who see fandom this way have been known to deride more casual fans as "posers", sparking what are at times heated arguments and debates within some fandoms. By contrast, those in the FIJAGH demographic have in certain instances, insisted that those who follow fandom as a lifestyle merely need to "get a life".

Some people on the sidelines between the sporadic outbreaks of warfare between FIAWOL and FIJAGH camps have suggested that both interpretations of fandom can be valid depending on the needs and desires of a given individual. They have also lamented that most of the time, people at the extreme poles of a fandom don't seem to listen.

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