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FIAWOL is the acronym for "Fandom is a Way of Life". The term originated from within science-fiction fandom, and was used to describe people for whom participation in a fandom was a primary component of their lifestyle.

It particularly applied to people who lived for the convention circuit and planned their yearly activities around attending conventions, events, and smaller gatherings.

FIAWOL and furry[edit]

FIAWOL has been observed to be especially fitting for some parts of Furry fandom, due to the presence of Furry Lifestylers. However, some point[citation needed] out that FIAWOL in furry does not just apply to those with beliefs and practices that mirror those of Furry Lifestylers - many people who might describe themselves as just fans of Furry art and role-play still base much of their lifestyle around Furry media, events, and conventions.


the opposite view to FIAWOL is FIJAGH, or "Fandom is Just a God-damned Hobby". People who see fandom this way have been observed before to deride those for whom fandom is a lifestyle as obsessed, or socially deficient, and suggest that they need to "get a life". By contrast, those in the FIAWOL demographic have, in certain instances, claimed that those who are not as devoted to the fandom as themselves are "posers".[citation needed]

Some people on the sidelines between the sporadic outbreaks of warfare between FIAWOL and FIJAGH camps have suggested that both interpretations of fandom can be valid depending on the needs and desires of a given individual.

They have also lamented that most of the time, people at the extreme poles of a fandom don't seem to listen.[citation needed]

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