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FDCMuck (short for Future Disney Cabinet Muck) was a small MUCK created in November 1994. It started as a joke when a reader of the rec.arts.disney newsgroup added the title "Future CEO of the Walt Disney Company" to his .sig. Other readers joined in the fun, announcing their future positions within the Disney company. Eventually over 300 people were listed as members of the "future cabinet".

FDCMuck started as an online community for members of the "cabinet" to spend time together and role-play away from other readers of rec.arts.disney who weren't interested in such. The muck had fewer than 100 players when it first opened, and at its peak had over 600 characters.

FDCMuck was a private community; membership was by application only. It required every character name to be associated with Disney, and it was one of the few mucks which enforce strict G-rating, it tolerated no sexual invitations, IC or OOC, towards any players. Another distinguishing feature was that all wizards were elected by popular vote once a year.

The system running FDCMuck was hacked in the year 2000 which resulted in a long unplanned downtime and address change which caused a drastic drop in population and activity. Wizard elections were suspended. A reunion meet was attempted in June 2003, which gathered 39 players, but it did not bring back the muck.

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: November 1994 - September 2006

Wizards (last term)[edit]

  • Cubbi - Player relations liaison
  • Demona - Website and FTP site maintenance
  • Gusto - Base code wizard
  • Max - MUF code wizard
  • Sarabi - Casting director
  • Toby - Building director

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