Furry Appearance Score

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Furry Appearance Score, or FAS for short, is a part of dual-component rating system used among Russian Furry Community to indicate the level of interest of a particular creative work (storyline-based, such as a movie, novel or comic) to furries.

Furry Appearance Score is measured on a scale 1 through 10, or, in a simplified fashion, low, medium, or high, and indicates whether the main characters employed in the story are furry in appearance, low corresponding to 'mostly human' characters, such as anime catgirls, medium to real world animals, and high to anthropomorphic furries.

FAS and Furry Spirit Score (FSS) are independent components of the rating system; a story with a high FSS may have a low FAS, and vice versa.

Stories with low FSS and medium or high FAS sometimes are referred to as Rabbits in waistcoats.