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FANG, the Little Black Book of Furry Fiction, is a serialized paperback publication dedicated to bundling high quality furry fiction in theme-based anthologies. Published by Bad Dog Books, edited originally by Alex Vance and from Volume 4 onwards by Cinnamon DeWolf.

Founded in 2005, when Bad Dog Books was still known as Osfer's Joint Publications and releasing two volumes that year, in 2006 publication stalled due to Alex's troubles with repetitive strain injury, which prevented him from doing the amount of typing necessary to maintain contact with authors and revise their work.

Ben Goodridge, whose work had previously been featured in FANG Volume 2 and was invited to submit a novel for BDB, joined and took the post of managing editor. Together, he and Alex revised FANG's concepts and planned its future. The publishing enterprise was renamed Bad Dog Books.

When Cinnamon DeWolf joined the BDB staff in spring 2007, the Volume 4 of FANG that Ben Goodridge had been working on was split off from FANG into the first installment of a new, non-erotic anthology line called ROAR. Cinnamon meanwhile began work on a new, erotic Volume 4, with the theme 'Consequences'.

In 2007, BDB struck a deal with FurNation, and the books are now available both through BDB's own store and FurPlanet, with further distribution deals in the works.

Also in 2007, stories from FANG have been presented as audio performances on the BDB Podcast, beginning with The Walking Mountain, by Ben Goodridge, performed by Alex Vance.

FANG distinguishes itself in several ways:

  • no artwork whatsoever; to avoid potential embarrassment if the book were to fall open at a reader's school or workplace, and also to enforce the guideline 'imagination over imagery'
  • trade paperback format, with the trademark black cover
  • submissions will be considered regardless of the story's previous publication history
  • authors are paid for their work

Volumes are numbered and originally received an extra letter-code at the end to indicate its genre; this was abandoned to avoid confusion when the books were reissued in pocket-size format.


FANG Volume 1 (originally 1G)[edit]

FANG's premier edition was dedicated to gay erotica in a contemporary setting. Published on September 3, 2005, it features work by K. M. Hirosaki, Kyell Gold, Uncle Oakie,Stormcatcher, Red Swampwulf, Mikori, Kohai, and André Blaireau.

FANG Volume 2 (originally H05)[edit]

Horror-themed issue to coincide with Halloween 2005, re-released in pocket format in winter 2006. Contains stories by Ben Goodridge, Whyte Yote and Alex Vance, among others.

FANG Volume 3 (originally 2FG)[edit]

Due to the proliferation of excellent submissions for the first issue, Alex Vance decided to move all works in the fantasy genre to the submission box for the second issue — the third issue is dedicated to quality furry erotica in a fantasy, steampunk or historical setting, and was released at Anthrocon 2007. The volume featured the work of K. M. Hirosaki, Kyell Gold, Uncle Oakie and others.

FANG Volume 4[edit]

Edited by Skip Ruddertail and Graveyard Greg, volume 4 is the first volume to focus on a theme rather than a genre. The theme was "Life After High School". This was also the first issue to have something other than a blank cover; cover art by Blotch. Volume 4 was released at Further Confusion in January, 2012. Stories by Whyte Yoté, Sylvan Scott, Scott Maddix, Tym, Toonces, H. A. Kirsch, Anima, Lindskold Janis, Tyler David Coltrane, Lycanthromancer and Metassus.

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