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FAFcomics (Furry Anthro Fetish) is a Russian artist devoted to working on making comics of unusual fetishes.[1] His most noted comic is entitled "Hetty" which focuses on a female furry character who enjoys eating food with the help of a male friend.

Since 2015, the artist has caused controversy among the furry community for the way he has handled recent issues involving the leakage of his artwork by people who pledged to financially support his work, only to them publicly post any images they received for others to view for free. In his efforts to combat this issue, FAF decided to not only find the sponsors leaking his work and evict them, but also to expose their personal information on his main website, including their name, age, photos of them, usernames on social media sites, amongst other details, which many[citation needed] in the community have condemned for being illegal, with others disgusted at his behaviour because of this [citation needed].

In May 2015, FAF left Fur Affinity, clearing his gallery and leaving behind a journal in which he voiced claims that the site's admins preferred not to defend the artist but those who stole their work, referring to such individuals as "theifs". [2] In April 2016, Patreon banned FAF for breaking the site's Community Guidelines, which prohibited anyone from committing acts of malicious doxing on their site.[3] Shortly after he was banned, FAF wrote a journal on his DeviantART account, claiming that this was not the case and that he had left the site because it had shown more support for thieves than protecting the money of its users, adding that the site had tried to blackmail him and that the thieves he had exposed would be sued.[4]


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