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Fur Affinity: United
(FA: United)
Status Ended
First iteration August 10-12th, 2007
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Fur Affinity: United! resources
FA: United (edit)
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FA: United 2008
FA: United 3 (2010)
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Fur Affinity: United (also known as FA: United or FA:U and briefly known as Unleashed!) was a furry convention held in Virginia, USA. "United" was chosen as the convention's title to reflect Fur Affinity and the Northeast Anthropomorphic Association's goal to help strengthen the Furry community's bond.

The convention focused on live music and entertainment, hosting rock bands such as the Gay Blades during the convention.


Attendance and themes[edit]

Year Convention Attendance  % change Fursuiters  % change Theme
2007 FA: United 2007 310 N/A 25 N/A None
2008 FA: United 2008 381 +22.9% 26 +4% The Power of Rock
2010 FA: United 3 510 +33.9% 76 +192.3% Gamers United
2011 FA: United 4 531 +4.03% No data available N/A Dawn of the Apocalypse
2012 FA: United 5 629 +16.89% No data available N/A Furry Mafia
2013 FA: United 6 647 +2.82% 121 +45.69% Applied Sciences
2014 FA: United 7 707 +8.86% 142 +15.97% Monster Island
2015 FAU 2015 658 -6.93% 89 -37.32% Fandoms United
2016 FAU 2016 539 -18.09% 123 +38.02% Masquerade of Beasts
2017 FA United 2017 515 -4.45% 114 -7.32% Middle Ages
2018 FA United 2018 528 +2.52% No data available N/A Uncover the Unknown
2019 FA United 2019 558 +5.68% No data available N/A Unearthed

FA: United[edit]

Fender on the back of the FA: United 2007 shirt, drawn by Sapphire. The front design was created by Thazumi.

Headed by Shy Matsi, the Northeast Anthropomorphic Association (a non-profit 501(c)7 based in New Jersey) partnered with Fur Affinity began planning for a new convention in the New Jersey region in 2005 following Anthrocon's announced move from Philadelphia, PA to Pittsburgh.

The convention was held August 10-12th, 2007 at the Ramada Newark Airport International (now Wyndham Garden Hotel Newark Airport) in Newark, New Jersey.[1].


  • More "founding member" sponsorships were purchased than regular sponsorships. "Founding Members" received a free, limited-edition "Fur Affinity" USB flash drive.
  • Cake was the first active fursuit at FA: United.
  • The con bag handed out at registration contained "FA Bucks," gift certificates which could be redeemed in the Dealer's Room or convention store for cash.
  • All bands performed for free on the condition drinks would be on the house. [citation needed]


Due to financial issues, partly because of the ongoing economic recession, a standard size convention would not be feasible. This was to be compromised, however, with a "weekend party/cook out with music, booze and more" furmeet (which was considerably cheaper), to be held at the Pine Creek Miniature Golf course in Ringoes, NJ. This was given the codename "FA: United 2.5" to bridge the gap between FAU2 and 3. But thanks to unfavorable weather conditions, scheduling problems, and disagreements FA: United 2.5 ultimately did not get off the ground, and thus 2009 was left without any organized activity for FA:U.

2016 Move[edit]

The convention moved from its home in North New Jersey to North Virginia, due to Dragoneer moving to the Northern Virginia area.[4]


On December 2, 2020, citing pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, Dragoneer tweeted a message "formally announcing FA United is closing its doors."[5]

The webpage of FA:U has been configured to display this announcement as well.[6]


In recent[when?] years the convention has shifted from being operated by FA United LLC (A limited liability company in the state of New Jersey (filing no. 0600336301)) to being operated by Ferrox Art LLC, who owns and hosts Fur Affinity. This change has been reflected on the convention's website[7] and legal forms[8].


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