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F3 Convention
F3 Convention Logo
Location Missouri, United States
Status on hiatus
First iteration Dec 14-16, 2012
Final iteration November 20-23, 2014
Organizer(s) Missouri's Furries FurAffinity group
Subject Furry
F3 Convention (edit)
F3 Convention 2012
F3 Convention 2013
F3 Convention 2014
F3 Convention 2015

F3 Convention staff
F3 Convention guests of honor

F3 Convention (commonly also F3 or F3con) was a furry convention in the state of Missouri which first occurred December 14-16, 2012[1], to be the first furry convention in the state. It was a project of the Missouri's Furries Fur Affinity group, which was founded in early 2010.[2]

Registration fees ranged from $30 to $450 in its inaugural year, with a special high-ranking lifetime memberships available for sale only in 2012, which ranged from $400 to $1,000 depending on the registration benefits.[3]


Staff as of February 21, 2014[4]

Support Staff: [4]


F3 was conceived in early 2010 by Stitchfan,[citation needed] founder of the Missouri's Furries Fur Affinity group. In mid 2011, Lung Ma joined the group and was elected to be the group president and convention chair.[citation needed]

F3 had previously been tentatively announced for December 7-9, 2012.[5]


The first F3 Convention took place December 14th-16th, 2012 at the Howard Johnson Inn & convention Center with an attendance of 123 people. The Artist Guest of Honor was Hazard, and the Fursuiting Guests of Honor were Calamity Cougar and Okidoki Coyote. $348 was raised for charities.

The second F3 Convention was held December 14-16, 2013 at the Stone Castle Hotel & Convention Center with an attendance of 55 people. The Guest of honor was Bucktowntiger. $1022 was raised for charities.

The fourth F3 Convention, planned for November 20-22, 2014, was canceled due to insufficient support from other staff members in putting together the convention. The hiatus was planned for a year, but as of December 2017 there has been no word about continuing the convention. [6]

Guests of Honor[edit]


  • 2012: Escape From the Zoo
  • 2013: Part Deux: 80's Remixed!
  • 2014: Memes: It C4m3 Fr0m teh Intarwebz!!1


In their first year, F3 Convention had the following events: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Dealer's Den, Artists' Alley, Charity Auction, Fur-Me Poster-Making, Furry Drama Show, Super-sponsor Luncheon, Club Anthro, Furry Rave, Fursuit Parade, Role-playing Games, Card & Board Gaming, Electronic Gaming, Dance Dance Revolution Tournament, Room Parties, Special-Interest Meetups, Instructional Panels, Fursuit first aide, and a 24 hour Anthro Movie Room.


The 2012 charity for F3Con was Safari's Interactive Animal Sanctuary, for which $348 was raised.

The 2013 charity for F3con was the National Tiger Sanctuary, for which over $800 was raised. Also, $200 was raised for Misora, who lost her house in the Moore, OK tornado.


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