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F3 Convention 2012 was the first F3 Convention. It took place over December 14-16, 2012, at the Howard Johnson Inn and Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri, USA. It had previously been tentatively announced for December 7-9, 2012.[1]

The theme of the convention was "Escape From the Zoo". The Artist Guest of Honor was Hazard, and the Fursuiting Guests of Honor were Calamity Cougar and Okidoki Coyote.

F3 Convention 2012 had an attendance of 123 people. The con's charity was Safari's Interactive Animal Sanctuary, for which $348 was raised.


In their first year, F3 Convention had the following events: opening and closing ceremonies, a Dealer's Den, an Artists' Alley, a charity auction, Fur-Me Poster-Making,[clarify] a Furry Drama Show, a super-sponsor luncheon, Club Anthro,[clarify] a furry rave, a fursuit parade, role-playing games, card and board gaming, electronic gaming, a Dance Dance Revolution tournament, room parties, special-interest meetups, instructional panels, fursuit first aid, and a 24-hour anthro movie room.


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