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Orlando Furry Archives
Author(s) Owners: Simtra and Harik
  • Site Founder: Simtra and Harik
  • Webmaster: Harik
Launch date 1996
End date 2008
Genre Multimedia archive
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The Orlando Furry Archives (also known as Orlando F.A.N or the F.A.N. Archive) provided hosting for furry art and artists media, with the exception of those specializing in Sonic and anime-style. It also provided a mirror of Mia's Index of Anthro Stories.


This archive started in 1996 as a programing project by Simtra to place Harik's art collection on the web. Harik took over as webmaster after Simtra stopped being an admin in 1999 because his job was taking up too much time.

Some artists have left their images up there in a forgotten state, so it provides a glimpse into the early works of now-famous or now-forgotten furry artists. The recent uploads page is frequented mainly by art from Huskie, XianJaguar, Tremaine and Dustmeat.

The original name of the archive was furry.ao.net which led to the name F.A.N. Archive. This was changed to the current name to distance itself from the ISP where it was hosted.


The site has been down since around June 2008 and has been confirmed dead by Harik.

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