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EZwolf as North
EZwolf as Onyx
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EZwolf (born March 24, 1968) is a Dutch fursuiter, musician, professional photographer and film maker, specialized in anthropomorphic, furry, and fursuit-related themes.

He was a guest of honor at NordicFuzzCon 2015 and CesFur 2015,[1] and a member of the Furry Hall of Fame.[2]

Photography and video[edit]

EZ started his career as an advertising photographer in the early nineties and became involved in professional video and film producing in 1997. Being a photographer and part of the fandom has resulted in many furry related videos and photographic art.


  • North - EZwolf entered the field of fursuiting in 2009 with North, a black and white street husky made by Kiwihunter.
  • Onyx (Onyx Beast) - In 2010 EZ commissioned Onyx (the Onyx Beast), a realistic looking black wolf with marbled horns build by Qarrezel / Clockwork Creature Studio. For the motion picture Bitter Lake, Onyx was equipped with black leather armor to become colonel Raden Drraer.


  • Bitter Lake - Together with Shay, he produced the first full feature furry motion picture Bitter Lake in 2011. EZwolf was production designer, director of photography and editor. He also played the role of Colonel Raden Drraer.
  • Jordan Blake & The Temple of the Four Winds - In 2010 EZwolf played the role of adventurist Jordan Blake, the lead in Eurofurence 16's fursuit theatre. EZ also produced the soundtracks and videos that were part of the show.

Jordan Blake and the Temple of the Four Winds video trailer (for the Eurofurence Fursuit Theatre 2010) on YouTube

Music Videos[edit]

EzWolf has made several music videos which have been uploaded to YouTube. The most popular song they parodied was Furry Gangnam Style, a parody of Gangnam Style by Psy which was uploaded on October 16, 2012, at the height of Gangnam Style's popularity.[3]


EZwolf is the creator of the EZCooldown vest, cooling vests for costume performers (including fursuiters).

Viral video[edit]

EZwolf's most-watched work may be the All The Single Furries!, a parody of Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé. The original music video, which was uploaded by Evil Sibe on August 31, 2014 under his "Stinky Skusky" alt account on YouTube is consideredTemplate:Wsho to be one of the worst things to have come out of the Furry community.[citation needed] The music video currently has 70,000 dislikes as of December 2018.[4]


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