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Exkhaniber is a furry that became active in the community in late 2001, with his typical avatar being that of an ice dragon. He mainly can be found on Anthrochat, although he is rarely online. This is due to a hectic work schedule, as well as working on several writing projects that he plans on developing into a career.


He started in the furry fandom, around 2000 or 2001, through some contacts via the chat services provided by Yahoo! inc. One of those contacts directed him to what was then Yiffnet on IRC. It was through there that he learned more about the fandom and for the first time seriously entered the furry realm and interacting with the community.

Nothing else was really noteworthy until he attended his first furry convention, Anthrocon 2005. It was there that he saw his first fursuits, and he found himself facinated with them. He saw metaphors and symbolism within the concept, and decided then that he had to partake in it himself to understand it better. However due to financial shortcomings, he was not able to acquire a fursuit until December of 2008. In that time, he had attended various other conventions and started posting fursuit pictures to his Fur Affinity page, for which he is primarily known for.


In early 2002, as Khaniber, he posted some short stories to a Yahoo! group, and wrote for a story trade with Polaryan.

Exkhaniber is working on a science fiction novel, part of a planned 20 book series, co-written with a friend, and together they have been planning out and writing this novel since high school.

He also writes occasional short stories and poetry that he posts to his Fur Affinity site.


Exkhaniber has made a small hobby of taking pictures of fursuiters at the conventions he attends. He posts the pictures to his Fur Affinity page. However he only maintains those pictures for roughly a year before deleting them in order to prevent an over-saturated gallery.

Furry conventions attended[edit]

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