Exile's Return

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Cover of Exile's Return.

Exile's Return is a novel by Rebecca Mickley. It was published by Legion Printing and Publishing, Inc, on May 2, 2014.[1]


Exile's Return is set in a future where humans have the technology to alter their DNA. The protagonist, Lieutenant Dawkins, has taken the form of a rabbit.

The synopsis of the novel reads:[1]

Exile's Return
From the radioactive ashes, a new Earth was born.

But now civil war seems inevitable, as humanity reacts to the edicts of the United Earth Alliance’s new ‘allies’, the Mendians. Can these seemingly benevolent, technologically superior aliens be trusted? Why do they want to speak to an astrogator who left the military, left Earth, and abandoned her identity for a life of quiet solitude?

And after eight years of complete isolation, will she even survive the trip to meet them with her sanity intact? .

Exile's Return


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