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Author(s) Brittany Shepard and Mr Wax
Update schedule Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Launch date August 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy, Anthropomorphic

Evon is a webcomic.

Evon: A bear sorceress, a warrior rat, and a penchant for finding trouble; whether they want to or not.

In the world of Harrah, Evon is a young sorceress, more powerful than she realizes. For years she grew up in the clutches of a wicked sorcerer who nurtured her powers for his own ends. Evon decides to take her fate in her own hands when she runs away, but when she starts getting pursued by the sorcerer’s thugs she learns that he is not just after his runaway apprentice. On the run for too long, Evon decides to get help. She finds Herodotus, a mercenary, a wanderer, a hero. Little does she know that he has secrets of his own. Together, they uncover Evon’s past and face off against the people that mean her harm.

Rife with situations that will make you smile, and the occasional bout of dry sarcasm, Evon is a comic that is a humorous take on your typical Fantasy adventure, though it also has its fair share of serious moments; and even a couple of guest appearances (one of which is yours truly [who?] as a doorman..). Mr. Wax writes out a very in-depth story, and even manages to give you a laugh or two along the way; while Brittany Shepherd draws up a comic that is both visually entertaining and thought provoking.

So come on in, sit a spell (or two), kick back and relax, and let Evon take you on a humorous, sometimes sarcastic journey into a world of real-feeling characters and a serious story. Where the only thing missing is the kitchen sink, and I'm sure if you looked hard enough, you could even find that.

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