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Evis, short for Eviscerator, (born on September 19, 1987) is the online name for one of the cohosts of the online radio show Bunny Suicide. While he prefers that the listening audience does not know his actual name, there remains a lot of publicly available information that comes from his appearances on Bunny Suicide and his DeviantArt page. For the first six months on knowing him, even the co-host on the show with him didn't know his real name, and his mother even calls him Evis.

Evis has a strong relationship with his family. He is also close to his friends including TornadoCreator, Paddi, fatmandell and NemFX and claims his family motto is "Drink a pint, piss a quart." Indeed, alcohol seems to play a respectable role in Evis's life, as he apparently drank 38 units of alcohol in front of TornadoCreator and Paddi which would normally kill someone. He happens to have an inhuman tolerance of alcohol, being able to walk perfectly fine despite absurd alcohol levels. Despite passing out for a while, he managed to walk home and remember the whole night. On his 18th birthday, Evis celebrated with Marks and Spencers champagne.

Despite repeated attempts by the local fur community to convince him otherwise, Evis maintains he is not a fur despite having taken part in multiple furry events and project, having an intimate knowledge of the fandom, and having a majority of his friends in the fandom.

Evis on his current motorcycle a Honda Shadow VT-125

  • Evis is an avid collector of weapons, notably a pair of bokken, a katana, an iaito, an air rifle, and a wakizashi.
  • Evis is an active player of Dungeons and Dragons, his preferred character being a character named Archfidd, a chaotic neutral human wizard, gradually turning to the dark side.
  • Evis has written a theory of the origin of life that got an first in university. The plan for this was written on the back of a used pizza box.
  • Creatively, Evis is a digital media artist, a philosophical and abstract writer and a storyteller.
  • In April 2006, Evis was involved in a traffic accident while riding his Honda Shadow motorcycle. He crashed into a car at approximately 40mph, which bent the front wheel, damaging the radiator, clutch, and surrounding areas. The bike was a write off.
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