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Evil Twin is a four-panel webcomic starring Talboc, the evil twin of Cobalt.

The art and format for the comic follow the style of a traditional newspaper comic strip, with black and white art, zip-tone dot tint, and crosshatching. In line with this, the content attempts to remain at a PG rating level.

The storyline revolves around day-in-the-life adventures of Talboc, as he deals with the hassles of being a self-proclaimed supervillain who has to operate with little to no budget, including evil schemes which don't work out quite right, diabolical inventions which end up being more trouble than they're worth, and constant trouble with various government agencies, including Health & Safety.


  • Talboc, the evil twin of Cobalt
  • Pleasure The Foozle, Talboc's loyal minion
  • Cobalt, who is described by Talboc as his "Goody-Goody Nemesis"
  • Twinkle The Foozle, Cobalt's sidekick
  • Sigmund Shadowfang, Vampire Lawyer


After Chris Sutor ended Cobalt (comic book), he decided he wanted to try and do something different with the characters.

For many years before the creation of the character Cobalt, Chris had been drawing a series of four-panel comic strips for a student magazine known as The Eye, under the title of STUFF. And as the four-panel format was something he was both familiar with and comfortable working in, he decided to use it as the basis for this new project.

Evil Twin developed slowly; a series of three prototype strips were created. These three are notable in that they lack the zip-tone dot tint, and use a freebie comic lettering font which is different from the one used in the series proper.

After these three strips were posted to Fur Affinity and Inkbunny, where they met with public acceptance, development continued further with dot-tone sized off of real-world newspaper comics, and the discovery of an original Bloom County comic, which showed that a stock, pre-printed blue-line layout grid had been used for the lettering.

With the addition of a unique hand-made lettering font based on the lettering styles in Bloom County and Doonesbury, the Comic was ready to begin.

At a suggestion from Albert Temple, Evil Twin was set up on Comic Genesis, and introductory comics were created to explain to newcomers who the characters were.


After doing the comic for half a year, Chris Sutor's financial situation had degraded to a point where he was forced to put all non-paying projects on hold, to concentrate on work which would pay the bills. A placeholder comic in Evil Twin's Comic Genesis archive notes that "Everything goes completely silent for a year and a half" with the dates January 26, 2013 and July 17, 2014 marking the beginning and end of the hiatus.

The comic began again, after a Patreon account had been set up to turn the project into a paying one. Additionally, when the comic returned it returned with a sequence where Talboc and Pleasure The Foozle ran a PBS-style pledge drive to drum up some Patreon support, and then were forced to renovate the abandoned comic before they could start "filming new episodes."

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