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Eurofurence 4 was a European furry convention which took place from 1 to 5 August 1998 at Heeze, Noord-Brabant, near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. About 80 participants attended the event at the Ferme de Jean holiday camp.


The programming for 1998 included music, workshops and fursuiting.


  • Nimbl and Unicorn (artist) were the winners of the popular vote for the T-shirt design contest. There was a heated discussion about Unicorn's T-shirt design (featuring a cannabis-smoking skunk with the catchphrase "Welcome to Holland, have some skunk") though, and therefore only the "EUROFURENCE IV" heading of Unicorn's drawing was used on the official T-shirt. An alternative version featuring the full image was printed by MOW and sold in small numbers at the convention.
  • The convention site was notorious for its badly designed communal showers, which would often flood back into the guest rooms due to insufficient plumbing. Several times during the convention, bedrooms and the hallways were flooded with drainwater from the showers, which had to be mopped up at such unconvenient times as 3 am.
  • Eurofurence 4 was organized and financed by Samarindus before Eurofurence e.V. was established to organize future Eurofurences since 1999. Together with Naros, they found a location for the 1998 convention in the Netherlands.
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