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Eurodex the Radioactive Kangaroo.

Eurodex (real name Devon Moore; born December 26, 1989), is a cartoonist who currently resides in New Port Richey, Florida, United States. His fursona is a radioactive kangaroo with the same name.[1]


Devon Moore (known as D. J. Moore in earlier work) was born in 1989 in Long Island, New York, United States. He was diagnosed with Autism at seven years of age. He has always shown an interest in art and science.

In 2001, he moved to New Port Richey, Florida. In 2004, Devon grew an interest in astronomy (primarily on extrasolar planets. After the demotion of demotion of planet Pluto [1], Devon began to move from all astronomy to something new.

Within months after the demotion of Pluto was when Devon finally came across vore, and began to draw it. It was also around this time that Devon learn about furries and fursonas. Besides working in both astronomy and vore, Devon has taught himself the Russian language, as well as some Yugoslavian, German, French, and some Spanish.


Eurodex being kissed by ChristyRai.

Dexter P. Shoreham[2], better known as Eurodex, is a nerdy, radioactive kangaroo. In the basic look, Eurodex raised himself since he was born. He never met his parents, or even knows who they are. He commonly travels around, but more or less stays in the United States. He is shown wearing a yellow Hawaiian shirt and baggy blue jeans, witch both contain the radioactive trefoils that are shaded orange.

Eurodex is more prey then predator (in the basic saying). But within his recent life, he has been placed into the world of vore and can't leave it. He is always worried that he will be dinner for some hungry predator, but this fear ended when he meet a tailmouth naga named Vega. Thought they meet because Vega ate him, they ended up being good (if not opposite) friends. Now Vega protects him from being eaten, but Eurodex is still hunted down, and he is beginning to somewhat enjoy it.

Still unknown as to how he became radioactive, he is very dangerous. Virtually, he is a walking atomic bomb. But after years of knowing himself, he is able to control his radioactivity to the point of almost not being at all. In actuality, he is radioactive, acidic, biohazardous, magnetized, electronic, and every other word that sounds new wave.[2]

His skin has decayed enough that they are not directly radioactive. In fact, the only side affects of his decayed skin is that is is quite warm (almost like a heated blanked), his skin glows in a radioactive green, and is able to resist the most tough acids (most stomach acids). Only when you get below his skin, it will begin to get more acidic and hazardous. For instance, his nose, tongue, and penis are always in contact with his internal organs, causing them to look orange. Where as his ears and eyes (being slightly in constant contact) are bright yellow. Anything excreted from him (spit, saliva, cum, poop, urine) will be acidic (approximately having a pH of 1). The radioactivity in these excrements would decay quite fast, so they would not stay radioactive and hazardous for long (about a minute long to be approximate).

However, his internal organs and blood would be the most dangerous things to get into contact with. Once touch or exposure would cause instant death. If you were to be eaten by him (not that he would), you would die before exposed to his stomach acids (unless you are resistant to it). On the other hand, if he were to be digested away, his exposed organs would infect and destroy the predator who killed him, and kill them (as well as the surrounding area).


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