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EuroFur Exodus, also called EXTRA, is a Furry themed sim on Second Life aimed at French and European furries. The sim is owned by rafa226 Lubitsch and maintained by members. Located in a sim named EuroFur, it moved to a sim named Extra. This sim includes a club, a small shop, a beach, some yiff houses, a movie theater, and a pet auction market. It was associated with francophone website FurryNation.

EuroFur was born in early 2007 thanks to the help of kerunix Flan with purchasing and maintenance, and ButtBadger and Issarlk (for communication and sim design). Initially EuroFur was essentially residential. It had a store, apartments for rent, a yiff zone, a club, a reception and a freebie zone. A few months later, the sim added a sandbox which improved attendance.

Around September 2007, Linden Labs decided to charge VAT for European residents buying sims and land. Being French, kerunix reluctantly had to resell several French-speaking sims that they maintained. EuroFur was one of them and was bought by Alliez, a resident who owned, among other things, the sim Lost Furest. Her projects for "EuroFur d'Alliez" were different from those initially planned and she unceremoniously ejected the former administration team to put her own in it.

From then on, the team decided, thanks to the help of rafa226 Lubitsch who had recently joined the group of moderators, to rebuild EuroFur on another sim, Extra. The sim changed its look and feel, and no longer offers plots for rent.

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