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Eternal was born July 17 1985, a Cancer. Raised in New Jersey, in the town of Basking Ridge, he has always had a liking for animals, and the simpler philosophies associated with them; and in his years with the Boy Scouts, developed a healthy respect for nature and the animals with which we share the world... incidentally gaining the rank of Eagle Scout in the process.

He considers himself a capable athlete, though isn't much for weight training, preferring martial arts and a physically active lifestyle, mostly out of habit. Eternal is also a veteran Dance Dance Revolution player, having been involved in that scene for over five years, and retains a modest amount of notoriety in the Mid-Atlantic region amongst other players.

He was first introduced to the fandom proper somewhere around 2001, through webcomics; most notable among those being Vince Suzukawa's The Class Menagerie and John The Gneech Robey's The Suburban Jungle. This gentle initiation might have made his entrance to the fandom easier than if, say he first discovered IRC, and some of the more risqué channels on Furnet. Since turning 18, he has attended Anthrocon and Furfright three years running.

In terms of species, Eternal claims the Ezo Wolf, C.lupus hodophylax, as his own. His name developed as a tribute to David Eddings' character Belgarath, with whom he claims to identify, perhaps to excess.

Eternal is no artist, at least not in the manner usually applauded by the fandom, but is a fine musician, being a more than competent violinist and superb singer, if a bit out of practice, mostly for lack of initiative and company.

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