Escape from St. Arned

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Cover of Escape from St. Arned.

Escape from St. Arned is a furry novella by Rose LaCroix.[1] It is a sequel to Basecraft Cirrostratus.

Rated R, Escape from St. Arned was published by FurPlanet in September, 2014.[1]


The synopsis of Escape from St. Arned reads:[1]

Escape from St. Arned
Elor, Laz, and Vinz thought their troubles were over. After a narrow escape from their ordeal on the Basecraft Cirrostratus, the three of them settled down to a quiet life in the suburbs of Lycocia... until their past caught up with them.

Now, every affair they had, every corner they cut, every lie they told, and every splinter of the empire they helped topple has come back to haunt them in this exciting sequel to the award-nominated novel "Basecraft Cirrostratus."

Escape from St. Arned


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