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ErrorWolf is a fursona character that is an anthropomorphic timber wolfox with a quad form.

ErrorWolf has been in the fandom since 2004. He frequents FurryMUCK at the WCotP and SPR, also Error Wolfhunter on SecondLife.

Character Description[edit]

From FurryMUCK MPI: With dark gray body fur, lightened on the tummy, but odd red markings on the ears, muzzle, and sides. Also distinguishing is the fox-like black gloves and socks, and slightly bushier tail probably a fox somewhere up in his family tree. Being of medium-heavy build, 6 foot tall, and casual dress (shorts and tee shirt) he seems normal enough, but can be surprising. An occasional big toothy grin puts most at ease (unless he's hungry). Very dry sense of humor so be forewarned. Quiet, and a good listener.

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