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Erotic Labs MUCK
Subject Transformation fetish roleplay
Server, port 6969
Status Dead
Ran from/to January 2001 - Summer 2012[1]

Erotic Labs MUCK (or simply "The Labs") was an adults-only MUCK that used the codebase ProtoMUCK v.1.01. It had themes of physical transformation and tales of science gone awry. All races and species were allowed as long as the theme was maintained; furries were welcome. It went offline during the summer of 2012.[1]


The overall roleplaying(RP) theme is that of an experimental laboratory run with (effectively) infinite funding and zero oversight. Most of the experiments performed are of a strongly sexual nature, and often result in physical changes to the victims. Both science and magic (and mixtures of the two) are allowed for characters and RP.


All characters must choose one "Type" before they may RP, either "Experiment" or "Faculty." These two types determine, usually, who takes the lead in RP scenes, since Experiment characters are supposed to obey all orders from Faculty characters. Type can be changed, as long as a sufficient RP explanation is provided. Characters may have consensual or non-consensual (non-consensual in an RP/IC sense of course) TinySex freely in the public areas of the game world, although most non-consensual scenes should be experiment-related. All interaction in the RP area is expected to be IC. OOC activity is allowed and encouraged in the OOC lounge area, where Guest characters spawn.


  • Dr.Jones, the Headwizard and Server Person (no longer active)
  • Bahumat (no longer active)
  • Erin - Theme and General Help
  • Leona, the Player Helper
  • Marian, the Newbie welcome wagon
  • Natima, the MUF Coder


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