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AirGuiTaR is an anthro artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Since 1998, AirGuiTaR has been involved with the fandom. Around 2000, she began uploading and sharing her artwork online, with her first gallery on Side7. She also has art displayed in a variety of other online galleries; VCL, TLKFAA, deviantART and Fur Affinity. In 2008 she graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary), and has been focusing on illustration in her spare time.


AirGuiTaR's fursona is a 'golden' maned wolf ("Maned Wolf of the North").


AirGuiTaR's artwork is primarily created using traditional media, such as pencils, markers, and acrylic paints. She works under the business name Northern Scruff.


AirGuiTaR has attended several conventions:

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