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Erik Marshall, also known as Sirblood is a furry writer. Erik wrote the Dragon Arch High[1] series of erotic novels. He also wrote "Shackles and Jessarin," a story that presently only has the first five chapters posted, but does continue past that point.

He has not posted any new works since 2012.

Dragon Arch High[edit]

Dragon Arch High centers on a high school for mythological and anthropomorphic characters (although humans make up around half the student population) as well as some vampires.


  • Firon - an anthropomorphic dragon with fire-red scales and a scar over one eye. He enjoys the presence of females but seems unable to attract any except for the vampires.
  • Nightwing - Firon's brother, Nightwing has pitch-black scales and a deep love of female company due to spending most of his childhood as a sex slave, although none of his "relationships" ever go too deep.
  • Nidia - A female dragoness as well as a vampire, Nidia has purple scales and falls in love with Firon at first sight, although she takes some coaxing from her teacher to make the first move. Nidia first becomes Firon's girlfriend, then later his mate.
  • Firefly - A ruby-red scaled dragoness who all but pounces on Nightwing when he enters her class for the first time. She is speculated to be Nightwing's first serious relationship.
  • Sirblood - A Great Wyrm (a dragon over ~2000 years old) who is head of the Bloodwarth family (making him Firon & Nightwing's father). He is also one of the founding fathers of Dragon Arch High and acts for a time as the substitute teacher of Firon's Sex-Ed class (much to Firon & Nightwing's initial displeasure, although that changes quickly enough).


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