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Eric W. Schwartz (full Eric Williams Schwartz; born November 27, 1971, in Dayton, Ohio, USA)[1] is a freelance illustrator, animator, Amiga enthusiast, and artist of note, especially in the fandom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Eric is the creator of the webcomic Sabrina Online, and the characters Amy the Squirrel, Sabrina the Skunkette, Tabitha (Sabrina's little sister), R.C. Raccoon, Sheila Vixen, Tammy Vixen, Clarisse Cat, Carli Chinchilla, Darke Katt and a few others. He is also one of the most well-known and vocal activists for the Amiga operating system.

Eric's art has been published in multiple publications (beginning with Sabrina at See-CAD), and he also produces his own portfolios. He has also produced a number of furry animations of varying lengths.

He was a guest of honor at ConFurence 7 (1996) and at Morphicon 2004.


  • Amy the Squirrel is the oldest character developed by Eric. Used in his original Amiga animations, she became known as the "unofficial mascot" of Amiga in 1992.[2] Her first appearance in a full length animation was in 1993, in a short called A Walk in the Park.[3]. Other animations include three At the Movies shorts. When the Sabrina Online comic was created, Eric toned down her sexuality and made her Sabrina's roommate. She was later married to Thomas Woolfe, a character created by Michael Higgs. She and Thomas have a child, named Timmy.
  • Sabrina, also called Sabrina the Skunk, is the main character in Eric's Sabrina Online webcomic. A nerdy skunk, and Amiga enthusiast, she becomes the head web designer for the Double Z Studios, and works under Zig Zag. Both the location and the character were also created by Max Black Rabbit. She is also the older sister of Tabitha. She became girlfriend and later wife to R.C. Raccoon after meeting on an IRC network and the two later have a child, named Danielle in the sequel Baby Steps. Sabrina is featured in two of his animations, the first being Plight of the Artist, and the second being Remote Possibilities.[4][5] Sabrina can be seen in the background of At the Movies 3.
  • Clarisse Cat is yet another one of Eric's many characters. In fact, along with Amy the Squirrel, she is one of his originals. She has short blonde hair, mostly orange fur with peach secondary fur, face-to-tummy and slipper-pattern feet, and wears a cerise pink T-shirt (matching her nose).
  • Tammy Vixen is the younger sister of Sheila Vixen, another of Eric's characters. Tammy's boyfriend was based on Eric's pet dog, Tor. When Tor passed away in 1998, Eric stopped drawing Tammy in response. (One of the pictures Eric did to commemorate his pet has Tammy at Tor's grave.)
  • Flip the Frog: He can be seen having relations with Clarrise in many of Eric's old Amiga animations.


Eric is believed by some to be one and the same as the erotic toon artist TDK,[citation needed] and the struggle to prove the truth or otherwise of this assertion was for a while an extensive back-and-forth, involving Fans and Furs versus (mostly) anti-furries on forums such as Portal of Evil, CYD, and 4chan.[citation needed]



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