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Eratu, by Shannon Venker

Eratu (born February 20, 1982) is a red Western dragon. He was introduced to the furry fandom in December 2006 by Xanthe.

He is a member of Louisiana Furs; his first meet was Yuro Zutto's birthday party in March 2007. He and Xanthe hosted the July 2007 meet. He is also a staff member of GCFC where he will be helping out with security. He lives in Baker, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Eratu attended his first every furry convention in May 2007 at RCFM along with Xanthe and many more members from the Louisiana Furs.

Eratu louning on the wall by the pool at RCFM in Second Life.

He is on Second Life as Eratu Weatherwax.


Eratu also plays as a bobcat named Shaman. Named after Eratu's real life native american heritage. Shaman is normally dressed in a native american shaman grab.


Eratu has attended:

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