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Equinians are a fictional species originally created by NickerEquinian for his story series Starshine, found on Yiffstar. They are a kind of mystical creatures, known as the defenders of nature, that used to live somewhere in central Europe. None of them lives around the world anymore.

General characteristics[edit]

Equinians - as the name shows - were equines; mainly horses, therefore it was very difficult to differ them from ordinary ones. The dissimilarity could be seen in that equinians had souls and powers that allowed them to control forces of nature in good matter. They could create objects like fruit, trees, water etc. What is more they could use their magic to fight, yet only to protect themselves. They used telepathy to communicate and could also read the souls of other creatures to find out if it is mean or peaceful.

Community characteristics[edit]

Equinians were very sociable. They created herds, where there was a prime mare and stallion, yet either of them had to remain single. The main herd that was uniting all other ones was called the Eternal Forest Herd. It doesn't exist anymore.


Every Equinian believed in the power of nature, and also 4 "Gods of Equinian" which represented four life-giving elements, times of year and cardinal points of the world:

  • Inferno - god of fire and the whole West,
  • Aquaria - goddess of water and the whole South,
  • Blizzard - god of wind and the whole East,
  • Earth - goddess of the ground and the whole North.

Any Equinian that attacked or killed another one became banished or his soul was doomed by Keno Rher (The Black Eagle).


Centuries ago, they developed their own language, having some structural similarities to English, yet the words were totally different and not comparable to any other now-known language. For example:

Em Roa dau – I love you.

Em Na'Roa dau – I love you. (but the expressed deeply)

Wota' somad eme – Please, forgive me. (Wota' – pronounce Votaa)

Em waalu ramar – I will return. (waalu - pronounce Vaaloo)

Dau ore eim rhau – You are my friend.