Equine the Uncivilized

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Equine the Uncivilized was two things: one of the earliest comics in the furry category, and the title character in that comic.

The comic[edit]

The first issue of Equine the Uncivilized was published in 1984 by GraphXPress with all art and story credits going to Richard Konkle. Art on later issues was handled by Jim Groat. Equine was, in short, a parody of another popular comic book series: Conan the Barbarian. Mr. Konkle took that ancient sword-and-sorcery paradigm and populated it with anachronistic cultural references, silly parody names, and furries. Equine only had a run of seven issues from 1984 to 1987.

The character[edit]

The character Equine, as implied, was a parody of the Cimmerian Conan. According to the prefaces to the first issue, he was created by Konkle for Groat, who then adopted and developed the character. Far from being a noble hero, Equine was a common thief and a bungler. He was always after some prize that he could sell in hopes of getting rich. He seldom used any strategy other than "whack and hack it until it's dead", and as he had the strength to make this work, he obviously saw little need to change his ways. In the course of his first adventure, he encounters plenty of guards, a secret society, a buxom scantily-clad princess, a wizard, and plenty of monsters.

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