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Eonplanet was started in the 1990's on #eonplanet on the Mediadriven IRC server. It started with only a handful of Eons, mainly being Sunset_Espeon, Midnight_Umbreon, Sunrise_Espeon, Lynxeon, and Wild_Flareon. The small community eventually grew to include 20-30 regular members before eventually, the channel came to an end. However many of its members still remain in contact. The relationships that were formed from the time spent on the channel became friendships that lasted even after its collapse.

The world was outdoors, consisting of something similar to a temperate forest and woodlands with open meadows. Eventually, an ancient cave was added but only became partially explored.

The main focus was relationships rather than a storyline. Eventually, families were even created, bonds and allegiances made, and even animosity among some members.

What is an Eon?[edit]

An Eon is the evolution of the Pokemon Eevee, also known as an Eeveelution. They include Vaporeon (water), Jolteon (electricity), Flareon (fire), Espeon (psychic), and Umbreon (dark).

Famous Eons[edit]

This is an uncomplete list of the memorable Eons of the channel:

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