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Eo Fenstalker (usually known as Eo, previously known as Eozarth; born June 10)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[2]

Eo is the creator of the Kellashee species, which is best described as an anthropomorphic hybrid of feline and fairy dragon.


Eo has been a furry since 1997, but only started becoming more involved in the community in 2009, when she discovered Luskwood on Second Life. She began suiting as her orange/yellow striped Kellashee fursona in early 2014.

As of August, 2014, she has attended MiDFur (2010), Further Confusion (2011), ConFurgence (2014), and FurDU (2014).

Artistic pursuits[edit]

Eo is an avatar creator with Luskwood Creatures on Second Life. She began by modding existing Luskwood Creatures avatars into lines such as Tribal Trance and Second Skin, and progressed to creating the Kellashee and the Kirin avatars. In addition to this, she is part of the general Luskwood Community administration.

Eo also creates artwork under the name Toast Weasel Illustration, combining a realistic style with fantasy and anthropomorphic subjects.


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