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Entre Nous, written by Matthew Johnston and drawn by Richard Van Cleave. Left to right: Becky, Leona, Loretta, Kendra, Mackenzie, Michael and Dallas.

Entre Nous (French for Between Us) is a webcomic about a group of furry characters living together in the fictional town of Mercer Bay. The humour comes from the seemingly constant failure of the ambitions of the cast. The comic is written by Matthew Johnston and drawn by Richard Van Cleave, and started on 30 October 2006.

The comic normally updated every Monday and Thursday. However, on 15 October 2007, the creators announced that due to pressure of work, the comic would be replaced with an irregular series of one-shot stories. Later, on 26 November 2007, it changed so that instead, Entre Nous would still be a regular webcomic, but would instead be weekly starting in January 2008. It was later decided to put the comic on hiatus, and would probably not make anymore strips in 2008. A print collection of strips and extras is available.


  • Rebecca "Becky" Sprehe (23, striped skunk) Rebecca is studying for a Master's degree in English Literature, writing her own stories as part of her degree program. She considers herself to be the smartest of the characters, although this is shown not always to be the case.
  • Su-Lin "Loretta" Li (23, giant panda) Loretta is Becky's best friend. Unlike Becky however, she never went to college, and is instead earns money playing lacrosse for the Mercer Bay Breakers.
  • Michael Scrafton (24, half-Siamese cat) Michael studied cinematography at college, but has never managed to get the job he wanted. Instead, he currently works for Morebucks, a coffee chain not unlike Starbucks.
  • Dallas Hopkins (24, jackrabbit) Born in Scotland, he moved to Mercer Bay as a child. He wanted to be a game programmer, but instead he works for TempTech. He is a big fan of Doctor Who. He also has a crush on Becky.
  • Kendra LaBrie (19, field mouse) Kendra works with Michael at Morebucks as the main barista. Although she is the youngest of the characters, she is more mature than either Michael or Dallas. She's a flirt, and likes to tease Michael about his geeky nature.
  • Mackenzie Kittridge (21, red fox) Mackenzie lives with Kendra. It is not known how long she is staying, but her ability to cook well provides her a way to repay Kendra for her stay. She recently got a job at TempTech, but claims she is a corporate saboteur. Mackenzie is also an artist and a vegetarian.
  • Leona Felice (28, Turkish Angora cat) Leona, the oldest of the characters, is a lawyer who once went out with Michael, but have since separated. Leona wanted to be a professional tennis player, but shattered her knee when she was 18.

Story arcs[edit]

Most of the story deals with the relationships between the four main characters. Loretta has feelings for Michael, whereas Dallas has feelings for Becky.

Another relationship is the one between Michael and Leona, although they have separated. In March 2007, a four-part prose story called "Leona's Story" was posted to fill in when the artist moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The story explains how Leona and Michael first met, and gives some context as to the nature of their relationship, and how they eventually broke up.

In May 2007, another story arc was created, featuring Becky's attempt to write a story called Three Strikes and You're DEAD.

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