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Enigma Fox (also known as Enigma, Enigma Vulpine, and also Kaelen after his raccoon character; born February 22nd, 1984) is a fur from England, UK.

He discovered furry fandom at the age of 14. A one-time fursuit maker, he had his first commission for fursuit parts in 2001, but stopped taking commissions in late 2007 for personal reasons.


Although never attending a furry convention, his costume work and previously-owned suits are widespread. Most notable was Sabastian (Enigma's spelling), now named Ricochet and owned by Yagfox. Another costume was Monochrome, a wolf fursuit sold on Furbid to RainRat, who named it Bongo.

Enigma's most recent creations were two ferret costumes made for an advertising company in London, England. Both were made in just two weeks, and paraded the streets to advertise a book. The toll of such rushed work may be one of the reasons Enigma has gave up on commission work. Videos of the ferret costumes can be found on Enigma's YouTube profile, and pictures of most of his work can be found at the Fursuit.co.uk gallery.


Enigma has had quite a few characters over the years. The first alias he had online was Summer Wolf, which is the reason for his Yahoo and Hotmail username ('summerwolfuk'). "Enigma" is his most recent alias, although he does on occation use his raccoon character "Kaelen".

Kaelen was originally going to be a fursuit and nothing more, but soon became the mascot for Enigma's commission website. The toony raccoon has now become a secondary alias for Enigma when online. It is also the reason for his username 'toonycoon' on Fur Affinity.

Other characters include:

  • Radius, based on a fursuit made by Noble Wolf and purchased from Almiras Silverwolf.
  • Elora, who was a girlfriend for Enigma.
  • Jaden, a dragon character.
  • Sabrina, a female version of 'Sabastian'.
  • Blackjack, a Candy Skunk based on an aniseed chew sweet.


Although not being able to draw much of anything, Enigma works well with three-dimensional media. In addition to making fursuits, he has worked with three-dimensional models, mostly of late, dealing with a Macro or Balloonie theme. One of his older works involved using six different models to give the impression of people wearing fursuits.

His recent works on Fur Affinity are inspired by the work of Mocha Mephooki and Nathan Ounce.


As well as working with fur and 3D models, Enigma has also written a long list of stories, often inspired by the ideas of others, but a few times a small book worth of text comes from his own ideas.

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