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En-neko or Enneko (炎猫), was a Japanese furry/kemono artist. Formerly he called himself "Tarosuke (たろすけ)"[1]. He lived in Kawasaki in Kanagawa_Prefecture. His doujin circle was Tadashii Kemono-michi(正しい獣道, meaning "correct animal trail").

Starting 1994, he published a series of his series of doujinshi publications, "Ekino-Kokkusu(えきのこっくす)" until his death.[clarify] He mostly drew porn comics of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sailor Moon, and female lolita furries.

In 1996, he launched his website, "Shippo.com", and uploaded his manifestation on Kemono, "Tadashii Kemono-michi"[2], the same name of his doujin circle.

He passed in 27 Dec 2002, due to heart failure.


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External links[edit]

  • [1] his webpage, subsisted by his friends.
  • [2] on The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon

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