Emerald Sage

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Emerald Sage (also known as Anguna and Only-Sailor-X/only_sailor_x) is an artist whose real name is Summer. Summer is not exclusively a furry artist, but does her fair share of furry artwork.

Art style[edit]

Summer's art tends to lean more towards depictions of characters from her stories or rp's then it does any outside source. It ranges from cartoon to realism and has an even amount of human and furry pieces.

Real life[edit]

She adapted the fursona of Emerald Sage in mid 1990's. She considers herself an artist that happens to draw Anthro art rather then a furry and is rather opinionated about the furry fandom in some aspects. Summer is also a coloratura soprano who enjoys opera and musical theatre. She is a bit of a career student and enjoys meeting new people.

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