Emerald (Jewel Vixens)

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Emerald is a character in the webcomic Jewel Vixens.

Emerald, by Lysozyme

The Fist of Rage[edit]

Hot-headed street fighter from Chicago, Emerald was released from prison only to be kidnapped mere minutes after leaving the jail, which didn't settle well with her. Still, it gave her the chance to meet the other Vixens and get into a line of work where she can kick all the tail she wants without worrying about being sent back, so she decided to stay along. Although Emerald and Sapphire get into frequent arguments about how the team is run, she remains loyal to the cause and wouldn't dare let anything happen to her teammates (no matter how annoying Topaz's bubbly attitude gets). Her temper has lead to a number of penalties even in the team, however, most notably in the form of being given less-than-desirable weaponry. Despite this, she remains an admirable fighter and once one can figure out how to control her outbursts, she proves to be valuable to protection. Interestingly enough, some of her modeling jobs were done while in prison itself, which she thought was rather odd, but a neat experience nonetheless. She also possesses unique skills as an interrogator, being well-versed in how people think and act. She only lets her CLOSEST friends call her “Emmy.”

Emerald at the gym, by Aelius


  • Fox breed: Red
  • Age: 21
  • Eyes: Green
  • Fur: Orange and white (traditional red fox markings with body and tailtip) with dark brown ears, gloves, and boots
  • Cup size: C
  • Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
  • Team occupation: Interrogator
  • Arsenal: Her own two fists
  • Friends: Jade, Sapphire (sometimes)
  • Likes: a good fight, action movies, motorcycles, baking cakes
  • Dislikes: fans that get annoyingly close, people calling her “Emmy”
  • Preferred Music: Soul, Rock n’ Roll
  • Skills: Interrogation, Beating the snot out of people

Phys. Description[edit]

Orange furred red fox with the traditional fur patterns - red with white ventral fur and white tail tip; dark brown "boots" and "gloves" (from the elbows down and from the knees down). No stripes or anything on the muzzle, but her ears are also dark brown. Her body form is very similar to Sapphire's, except slightly taller by an inch or two. Her headfur is “standard” so to speak; not too long, not too short; bound in a low sports braid going down to midback and usually having a single plume of bangs in front, hanging down the right side of her face. She's one to wear leather a lot, like full leather pants and a leather vest that's short enough to show her midriff, maybe closes up at her cleavage to where she wouldn't need a top (unless she’s out in “fanboy territory”). She also has two navel rings on a thin, light chain that wraps around her waist.


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  • Vera Kyle modelworks magazine
  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue
  • Glamour magazine
  • personal photo shoots
  • calendars