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Emberlyn as drawn by Hibbary
Emberlyn as drawn by Mirelmture

Emberlyn Whimsy, or just "Emberlyn" or simply "Ember", (August 19, 1982 - June 13, 2009) was a Red Panda from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She used to identify as a Gold Dragon named Aurora, but had since realized that was her Dæmon rather than her fursona. She was a jewelry artisan, focusing on wildlife and totem pieces. Her work was at the Anthrocon 2006 art show.

Emberlyn was most active on Tapestries as Chimayi the red panda, a character she used only for roleplaying. In the past she was most active on Furrymuck as "Indivara" the bat, but left FM because she was too busy for multiple MUCKS.

Emberlyn was also a fursuiter with multiple fursuits, and had plans to make Ember come to life by 2010. She was staff at Anthrofest 2006 and 2007. She was polyamorous.

"Emberlyn Whimsy", the character, is a Red Panda that is depicted as various ages - but by a default she is 14 years old. She lives in an alternate world of her player's creation. Her species and many others tend to have a much shorter lifespan than humans. The part of the world she resides often has long autumns and winters and much shorter summers, though none of the seasons are exceptionally harsh. She lives in a bustling city and she works in the equivalent of a pawn shop with her grandfather and brother. Her wings are considered extremely unusual and she is made fun of constantly despite her obvious advantages with them. In her spare time she loves making jewelry, fixing and tinkering with broken gadgets, and flying with the dragons, the only other creature that has the gift of flight in her city.

Emberlyn passed away on June 13, 2009 due to medical complications.[1]


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