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EmberFox is a fursuiter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Her fursona is a fennec fox with colors of violet, pale fuschia, and black.

Fandom involvement[edit]

EmberFox at work

Ember became active in the Pittsburgh furry community in 2011 and attended Anthrocon and WPAFW the following year. Ember spent two years as staff for Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend, and has acted as a volunteer there and other conventions in subsequent years.

She often attends the Pittsburgh Furbowl, but typically spends the time playing tabletop games, billiards, or using a laptop.


Ember has a full fursuit created by Koru Otter. In 2019 Ember updated her character and suit design to be more femme and include a pink lock of hair on her head.

EmberFox at Lake Tahoe during BLFC2019

Artistic Talents[edit]

Ember does occasional sketches and digital illustrations, but can more frequently be found behind the lens of her camera. She has acted as both staff and attendee fursuit photographer at conventions and loves to take photos of landscapes, architecture, cars, and wildlife outside of the fandom.

Convention Attendance[edit]

italic = planned

WikiFur Contributions[edit]

EmberFox has created and contributed a number of statistics sections and graphs to WikiFur convention pages. You can find some of these by following the links under "Convention attendance" above.

Non-furry activities[edit]

Ember enjoys playing various table-top games, and attends several game nights in the Pittsburgh area. She enjoys working on electronics projects and personal web software projects in her free time. She has also spent a number of years developing open source mods for Source Engine games - primarily Team Fortress 2.

Ember plays the augmented-reality game Ingress daily, and (as of July 2019) is a Level 14 Resistance agent.

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