Elizabeth Martin Gregg

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Elizabeth Martin Gregg
Elizabeth Martin Gregg11.jpeg
Elizabeth Gregg with (a presumable) family member.
Other names Lisa Gregg
Born  ?
Birth place USA
Date of death September 11, 2001
Death place One WTC, Manhattan, New York County, New York city
Residence Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York City
Profession or hobby Senior vice president/analyst (Fred Alger & Company)
Elizabeth Martin Gregg name on the National September 11 Memorial (panel N-95).

Elizabeth Martin Gregg, also known as Lisa Gregg,[1] was a furry fan who lived in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York City, USA.


Elizabeth Gregg was, for 18 years, a senior vice president and financial analyst for Fred Alger & Company, an investment management firm, but finance was not her first career choice.

Before she moved to New York in the late 1970s and earned an MBA from the New York University (NYU), she eagerly studied history, receiving a doctorate in medieval studies from Yale University, with her specialty being "defense spending in 15th-century France".


Elizabeth Martin Gregg was the only single confirmed furry fandom member who perished in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York County, New York City.[2][3]

She passed away after the catastrophic collapse of the original One WTC (where Fred Alger & Company was located), along with 35 of her colleagues and friends.[4]

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