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Genevive Anna Fox is a fictional character, a female, red-furred husky, primarily used as a role-playing avatar on furry-themed MU*s, most notably FurryMUCK (as Genevive). Her original name was Genevive Anna Woulfe (surname taken directly from her adopted father on FurryMUCK, Woulfe), it was changed on May 29, 2006 as a result of her marriage to Kenneth Fox (KensterFox) on FurryMUCK. The couple has two children together, Corinne, born on October 9, 2006 and Alaska, born on November 12, 2007.

On FurryMUCK, she is the co-owner (with her husband) of the Gaming Complex, as well as being a long-time active member of the FurryMUCK Cribbage League.

Her player, Elizabeth Hess ("Bet"), has been involved with the operation of Further Confusion for many years, and has held positions on the convention's Executive Staff since 2004. She is acting as Events Lead for Further Confusion 2008.

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