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The last version of artist's fursona
Drawing progress 2011-2014

Eliana is an digital artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her fursona is a dragon.


Eliana has been drawing since the age of twelve, and she registered a Fur Affinity account in January, 2011. As of December 2010, she had more the 1000 works, but only few of them have been published on Fur Affinity.

In Jun 2011 she's got her first tablet - Genius F350. It was quet simple and had a lot of deficiencies so in Dec 2011, after it was crashed, she got new tablet - Wacom Bamboo FUN L Pen.

Eliana has created more than 210 different characters; she had about 626 pictures on her Fur Affinity page.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Eliana was student at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University till summer 2014. In summer 2014 she've finished university and now hav a diploma. Drawing commissions on Fur Affinity is her main income.


Interesting Facts[edit]

  • Had "F" on Arts in school.
  • First furry she draw was a mice. She never draw mices after that.
  • She wanted to draw monsters on FurAffinity.
  • Surname Asato in the alias matches the name of a character Asato Tsuzuki from the anime Yami no Matsuei.
  • Do not drink alcohol.

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