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EliTiger, also known as Eli, ShadyTiger, AnthonyDinozzo, RaWRcAt, is the fursona of Adelaide based DJ and remixer Jackson. C. Specializing in Mash-Ups/Bastard Pop, he's remixed such artists as Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, Funkoars, Hilltop Hoods, Plutonic Lab, Beastie Boys and many more. He also remixed fellow fur RabiT's track The Way you Love Me.

He is a member of the SAFurs. J.C. is a professional producer and works with EMI Records.


His fursona, Eli, is a smart-arse, but kind hearted white tiger with a pushy, but kind personality. A caring tiger at heart, he sometimes comes across as too bossy, forceful or just plain annoying, but is generally ok.

A lover of RP, he's always up for a chat, RP or anything else. A pet to Muggy, he's quite respectful towards all except a chosen few.

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