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Ryanide is an anthro artist, flash animator, and composer from Queensland, Australia.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ryanide has a distaste for pornographic (yiff) furry works, as well as being a supporter of Improved Anthropomorphics [2][3], a descendant of the Burned Fur movement.

"Furry is a fetish-based community with a high focus on roleplaying. They use anthropomorphic characters as avatars."

"Anthro is the isolation of the art style, using it as a medium to create appealing characters for general consumption. Anthro artists try to keep away from the social or fetish side of the fandom and try to stick only to the art."

I like to think that "anthro" is a bit different from just drawing anthropomoirphic animals, because I can see that there's a lot of potential for it as a style. It's basically the counterpart to furry. furry focuses on the roleplaying/sexual social community aspect, anthro is just about the art and the characters.

The style is subjective. Realism, cartoon, anime, anything. It's the focus of the work that's important. If it treats its characters seriously, and in a manner that can appeal to a general audience, then it's probably anthro. Furry art tends to be more pin-up like, focusing on the character's sex appeal. Anthro art will usually put more emphasis on a character's other points, since the characters are designed to exist as characters to be taken seriously and not roleplaying avatars

An anthro character shouldn't really have a sexual persona at all, it should all be focused on the character and what they represent" [4]



Ryanide's fursona is a rag-doll cat, and is shown to wear Hawaiian-style shirts. On his DeviantArt account, his avatar is his fursona brushing his teeth.


Dendyn Dynasties is a planned series of flash clips and comics made by Ryanide. It centers around the Dynasty League, a large monarchy of various countries that is being threatened by Edward Haemarrhoid, a magical tumor and self-proclaimed president of the Dynasty League, his army of shadow puppets, and the various heroes and villains that are seeking him out.

Electrospastic is an episodic Flash series by Ryanide. At the time of writing, only one episode and a sort of outtake exist.

The world of Electrospastic is a place where anything is possible, and frequent random acts simply happen, usually without explanation.

The story centres around a young cat named Acie Florentine who finds that upon the death of her billionaire uncle, Max, has inherited his wealth and empire which consists of a chain of successful hotels. Unfortunately, she now finds her self bound by the “Professional Billionaire’s Code” which states that if one’s honour is challenged, one must defend it by engaging in an “Electrobattle”, a sort of duel where both parties use their special abilities against each other until one is defeated.

The first episode, ‘’Electrospastic – work so far’’ was uploaded onto deviantART on 2006-07-07 and got a Daily Deviation for its mixed good use of tweened and frame by frame techniques on 2006-07-13.

Two Heroes is a story about a kitsune named Tsun and a rabbit named Shiori, a member of the Inaba Knighthood, which protects his clan. Tsun, whose goal is to advance between the maximum strength of a kitsune to be as strong as a wolf (whom his friend Kyobu, a female kitsune with multiple tails, thinks is silly. She also looks upon him as a common fox, since he can't use magic, though he attributes this to having only one tail.) The storyboard for the first episode is out, focusing around a monster kidnapping the Princess of the Inaba clan, who is the only heir to the Inaba clan's throne. The monster is then absorbed by a lantern wielded by a bobcat named Inugami, who begins to fight and subsequently thrash Shiori until he is rescued by Tsun. Tsun is able to defeat him, though they are then interrupted by a dark presence, which Tsun recognizes as a wolf. Then the episode ends.


"Dendyn Dynasties" is his most popular work, although "Electrospastic" is fairly well recognized, too. Currently he is juggling numerous projects, be they flash animations, comics, musical scores, or games. Which tend to be left for long periods of time without updates, often only the preliminary character sketches and initial animation are published before another project is initiated and the previous project left to gather dust.

Current projects of his include:

  • Rave Battle
  • Tech Sector
  • Destruction Force Hyper
  • Sakura-Desu
  • Unholy Mess
  • Maple Lenincy
  • Loaded Eclipse
  • Heaven Sentinel
  • Cherub Felines
  • Two Heroes


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