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Electric Keet is a member of the furry fandom. She lives with her wife, th' buni, and five others in the Seattle, Washington region and works primarily as a freelance graphic designer. Electric Keet (sometimes credited as Jessie Tracer / Electric Keet) is known primarily for her breadth of creative pursuits.


Electric Keet is not a fursona but merely a creative, slightly absurdist pseudonym that has gradually become both her business and personal name. While the name is not intended to connote any particular species, the "Keet" portion does originate as a variant of the word "parakeet."

In specifically furry contexts, Jessie is most often portrayed as a large, moderately anthropomorphic snow leopard with completely greyscale fur, a modified species. Frequently, this portrayal will include accessories or even the full appearance of being of a similar style to the programs in the film TRON (Disney, 1982) complete with violet glow.



Electric Keet is the designer of various printed publications within the fandom, including:

  • the con booklet for the TSA-Bash in 2002 and 2003
  • the pocket schedule for Further Confusion in 2006
  • the con booklet for All Fur Fun from 2007 through 2009
  • the pocket program and program guide for Anthrocon from 2003 through 2010
  • the city guide for Anthrocon in 2007, 2009, and 2010
  • the anthropomorphic literary magazine Renard's Menagerie during its eight-issue run
  • the pocket program guide for RainFurrest in 2007 and 2008 (used 2009 through 2011 with modifications by another)
  • the door-sign template for RainFurrest in 2008
  • the fiction novels Child of Man, Bait and Switch, Beautiful World, and Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold
  • the fiction anthologies Different Worlds, Different Stories: Volume 2 and A Horse of Many Colours
  • all printed publications, badges, and signage for Everfree Northwest in 2012.


Electric Keet is credited (sometimes as Jessie Tracer or Jason Tracer) for several short works of fiction, including:

She is the writer of Thirteen Ribbons, a web-published serial in 800 to 1200 word parts which centres around a racing team of anthropomorphic animals entering a competition which will take them on a tour through the Solar System of the future. It is described on the site as "a blend of F-Zero X and Animalympics". It is presently on hiatus, but with announced plans to resume.


Electric Keet is an electronic composer. Though very few of her works have anything to do with anthropomorphics, and those which do are furry in name only, they are well-known for their prominent release at conventions and listener base within the fandom. Her album releases and re-releases are:

  • Beyond It All: version one point zero beta (1996)
  • Frozen Hex (1997)
  • Beyond It All: version one point zero beta two (1997)
  • Beyond It All: version one point zero beta three (2004)
  • On the Game Grid (2004)

She has also composed soundtracks for several small videogames, both homebrew and published.



From 2005 to 2008, Electric Keet performed as a DJ for LT3M. Her weekly broadcast, Electric Keet's Game Grid, was a two-hour block of music from videogame soundtracks and remixes of same. She also occasionally broadcasted an impromptu show featuring varied music (mostly progressive rock or related) and live talk.


Electric Keet is the creator of Cheaper Than Food: the Ramen Break, a playful chronicle of her experiences with all manner of domestic and imported instant noodles complete with pictures and ratings of each.

Roleplay and Chat[edit]

Jessie Tracer has participated in several online roleplaying communities within the fandom, including FurryMUCK as Jessie-Tiger (formerly Jason-Roo), SpinDizzy as Jessie-Tiger, Altered Realities (where she created the opening ASCII art logo, but remains uncredited), Puzzlebox MUCK as Zedda, and Tapestries MUCK as Eekay.

From 2005 to 2009, she participated in an active roleplay community in the massively multiplayer online game City of Heroes, in which she not only played several anthropomorphs but also wrote fiction involving them. Her global alias there was @ElectricKeet.

Electric Keet was frequent on Anthrochat IRC as Jessie or, when actively broadcasting on LT3M, as E-Keet[DJ]. She is also one of two head administrators of TFnet IRC.


Jessie Tracer has attended numerous conventions, often in a staff or volunteer capacity. Notably:

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